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Development consultant for consumer messaging app

Hi All,

Excited to be hear.

We are building a messaging app focused on improving productivity. We are looking for a developer or development team with core experience in Mobile Instant Messaging. Main aim of our app is to help users organize their conversions in channels & threads and track tasks and schedule from within the messenger while being able to collaborate in the context of those tasks, reminders or events. The difference here will be UI and use cases we plan to target.

MVP we plan to build is an offline first Native Android application with multi device support and end-to-end encryption, base features to include all core messaging features other popular messaging apps provide (detailed scope defined and can be shared with interested members). Longer term vision is much bigger but idea is to start small and build a eco-system with mobile instant messaging at its core.

Look forward to connecting with like minded teams and build something exciting using the magic of Ignite Realtime. We are also looking for consulting support as well, so if someone with core experience in building instant messaging products is willing to guide and mentor development team, please approach.

Thanks & Regards,