Development of a new plug-in for OpenFire 4.0.2

Good afternoon!

In the organization of the client Spark 2.7.6 installed. the client is in functionality and appearance is a convenient solution for the organization of internal chat. But in the absence of one of the functions of the server, which will be discussed more organized, we have to use the server part of “Ejabberd Community Server 16.03”. In the process of the server and the client work together we revealed small errors, which arises as a result of one of the conclusions:

  1. Change the server part

  2. Change the client part

Change klienskij part oen not want to, because workers are used to.

So my question is:

Who can I contact for the development of a new plugin or function as base solutions using already developed features and plug-ins do not have?

What is the work function or plug-in:

  1. User Group 1 (manual) should see the rest of the group (1,2,3) and send them messages.

  2. User Group 2 (ordinary workers 1 office) should only see a group of management and not one more, even members of their own group.

OpenFire: Hide all users in the same group from each other? - Server Fault

Packet Filter Plugin Readme should offer the requested functinality.