In the phone mappings you have to assign the device id. I was unsure what this beast is and looked on the screenshot of

So I got the idea that the channel of Asterisk is meant (e.g. SIP/1234).

In my case the channel changes everytime I use the phone. I use SCCP instead of SIP. E.g.:




I am not maintaining our Asterisk (a colleage is responsible for this) and I only know that we are using a driver from an Italian guy (Sergio?).

So my problem is that the DeviceID is changing all the time and therefore I could not use this nice plugin. Any hints for this problem?

My setup:

Wildfire 3.2.0 RC 2 with the asterisk-im.jar from the RC page

Asterisk 1.2.6

Don’'t confuse the DeviceID with the SessionID of Asterisk. ‘‘SCCP/293-0000018e’’ looks like a session/channel id.

If your extension is 293, then try putting in SCCP/293 in as the device id. Whatever you put in your ‘‘DIAL()’’ paramaters is essentially what Asterisk-IM is looking for.