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Diagrams from Book


I bought the book by Iain, i need some of the Diagrams for my report. I know there is a online version, but that costs, as i’'ve already bought it on paper back is there any way I can get the Diagrams??? other than scanning them- my scanner is not very good!



Hi Dilip,

Thanks for buying the book. I can make a few figures available to you. Which ones do you need?


Thanks Iain thats great!

I will get back to you in 2 days…just trying to finalise which ones I really need!

Thanks Dilip


Sorry for the late reply…can I please get the following figures

Figure 3.1 on page 63

Figure 4.6 on page 116

Figure 4.7 on page 117

Figure 7.3 on page 194

and Figure 7.4 on page 195


Please send to deepatel@rocketmail.com


I’‘m pretty sure Iain is on vacation now for the next week. We’'ll see if this message catches him befor he leaves, though.