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Dial contacts from Spark using Cisco Callmanager

I know that there has been discussion in the past regarding communication between Openfire and Cisco Callmanager using jtapi. It really hasn’t gone anywhere. I had an idea that I wanted to share with others, and wanted to see if anyone is interested in helping with it.

I work in a corporate environment that has a Cisco Callmanager system. Presently users can dial a number in our system by copying a number from a web page into the clipboard and launching a web-link which dials the number for them. I have the web-link launching from a shortcut that uses a hotkey. The main program we use for dialing is a system that displays a customer’s phone number and has a button that the user clicks on to start a timer. I contacted the programmers who develop the application and had them make the button also copy the number into the clipboard. Now when the user is about to dial all they do is click on the button to start the timer and press a hotkey on the keyboard which dials the customer’s number.

My question then is - Is there a way to create a hyperlink for a contact in spark to launch an url?

In Callmanager, when you wish to use the web-dialer, all you have to do is submit the proper communication to the server via an url like this:


This will dial - 214-391-4118 with a leading number 9 for outside line access.

Basically when you click on a link like that - the web-dialer page comes up and dials the number. If you could right-click a contact and click a link that says “Dial” you could have spark dial the number using this. You could even have a link in a chat window. I just don’t know how to do it.

I am going to insert an html file that we use to parse our phone numbers. It may be helpful in the development. It was not created by me, but I modified it for my purposes of adding a preceeding ‘9’ and adding my area - codes so that 10 - digit dialing works properly.

David Janice