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Dialog windows (preferences, plugins, broadcast) not saving their position

Is it saved anywhere in settings? Because now it started to appear in lower right corner of display and Close button is hardly accessible. Dragging and closing that window doesnt help. O, and i havent tried to delete my Spark profile and start from a scratch. I’m tired of solving Spark problems in that way.

The file is layout.settings, and is generally in the users spark folder.

i have only this in there:

#Storing Spark Layout Settings

#Sat Oct 13 15:51:02 EEST 2007










Do you have something else? I’m speaking about Preferences window position. Roster and chat window are preserving their positions.

Same is happening with all other dialogs. Profile, broadcast, plugins etc. If their would get out of display bounds (say after changing resolutions) you will have to drag them back all the time.

Now that I understand what you are talking about, I am confused as to why yours would be out of position. Even if I move mine they reopen in the original position the next time.

It seems that these windows are following the position of the main window.