Did anybody realize JEP154?

did anybody realize JEP154?


Did wildfire use this protocol for user now?

Did wildfire use VCard?

Jive utilitizes the older JEP-0054, vcard-temp. Though 154 does seem intresting it is still in its experimental stages and as far as I recall there is still a great deal of turmoil in the JSF over a new standard for user profiles.



Ugh, this is the major downside of XMPP… there are at least 2 incompatible variants of each feature (groupchat vs. muc, jingle vs. whatever iChat is using, and now user profiles, …), not even mentioning that presence is handled separately to pubsub, even though they do the same thing.

I’'m implementing a client right now ( http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20135&tstart=0 ), what am I supposed to do?

You’'re right, its at once and also a curse. The great thing about it is that it allows the technology to move forward and not be hamstrung by old standards. The downside is the amount of effort it takes on both the client and server side to adapt to these new standards. I can help you out:

groupchat is mostly obsolete now: MUC rules.

as far as I know the iChat standard hasn’'t been agreed upon. therefore jingle rules.

profiles is a big issue and it has been as long as I have been working around XMPP, it is almost constantly under discussion.

I wouldn’'t neccesarily equate pubsub and presence even though their functionality is very similar. Pubsub is very robust and meant to do many things… wheras presence is meant to handle, well, presence.

Not to mention there is a new file transfer standard being worked on as part of a SOC project that we will likely all need to look into implementing eventually. It is based on Jingle.


I’'ve finished the plugin of user profile and it is being testing now.

I hope I will send the plugin to jivesoftware soon.

Great! Are there any plans to add it to Smack, too? I’'m developing an XMPP-plugin for an instant messaging client, and this would greatly simplify adding this new feature.

There is no plans for Smack now, but may be in future.

I am neither the developer of Smark nor Wildfire.

But there must be an IQ packet and an IQ provide in client to surport user profile, and I’'ve done this too.

And, how can I send my plugin to wildfire? How to discuss the plugin? How to improve the plugin?

And I need a new database table in this plugin. How to create the table before install the plugin?


Here are my code:


Can somebody help me contribute the code to wildfire?


there are some bugs in that release

here is the newest edition http://www.blogjava.net/Files/hopeshared/UserProfile1.1.rar

Is there any progress on implementing this in Wildfire?