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Difference between plugin and component

Can someone please point me to any documentation that tells the difference between a component, plugin and a resource.

I have been googling whole day but still havent seen an architecture diagram for wildfire which can tell me how these components interact and what their role is. Any help on docmentation would be appreciated.



i think plugin and component have some different in WF.component can run sole and plugin only can run in WF.before jive have a item may develop component,but now they close it because they think plugin can do all application in WF.so you can develop your application in plugin.


A component[/u] is a standalone piece of software that communicates with a server through XMPP to provide various services.

A plugin[/u] is written using the Wildfire Plugin API, and is run within the server (though it is somewhat separate from it). A plugin can also be a component, but it can also do other things that modify Wildfire’'s functionality.

A resource[/u] is something completely different, and entirely client-side. In XMPP, the address of a client has not only the username and domain (eg, tcollett@jabber.org), but a resource that indicates where[/b] the client is logging on from (eg, tcollett@jabber.org/Home).

Timothy Collett