Different users getting the same logon details

We have recently Installed the latest version of Openfire on our server and installed Spark onto our workstations, also the database from Wildfire (for when we previously used Exodus) has been transferred to.

When users logon onto a station they are getting the logon details for Spark appearing for the last user who logged on - this problem seems to occurr for both normal users and Admin users?

What do you mean? You login with john into Windows account and then login to Spark with johndoe. Logout. Login with mary and when you launch Spark you see johndoe in username field of Spark? Weird would be. As every user should have its profile folder in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark

Essentially that is whats happening but there is more to it than that because we use third party secuirty on our network and I believe it a security setting that is blocking the logon details from being changed, or something similar!

I have tried relaxing the secuirty on the Documents and Settings folder to give all users complete access to files being created in the user profiles but this hasn’t helped.

Would anyone know where these logon details are saved, what folder/file specifically so I can try adjusting the security for this?

They should be stored in each users profile folder (c:\Documents and Settings<username>\Spark).

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark\spark.properties

As you see this folder is different for every logged in user. So it’s really strange that every user gets the same profile.