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Difficulty with Thunderbird XMPP client and STARTTLS

Hi. I’m having difficulty connecting using the Thunderbird XMPP client. The issue seems kind of sporadic, sometimes, it connects normally but most of the time it hangs or takes a long time in the “initializing encryption” phase. Has anyone experienced such an issue and is there a known “fix” or workaround for this?


It does not have this problem obviously if the STARTTLS policy is disabled. I do however have a valid SSL certificate from GoDaddy and does not have any connection issues using other clients such as Pidgin, Gajim, Dino, Conversations, Xabber, Mona, etc. So it’s really frustrating as most clients are inclined to use the Chat module of Thunderbird as the e-mail client used is primarily Thunderbird. If anyone can give a hint on how to fix this issue, it’s very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.