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Direct connection to a remote server


Is there a way to bypass dns srv resolution in openfire and set a remote server to be the default exit point?

I want only openfire to do this, so all other apps on my server will jave the same environment.


Ok, let’s give more info, maybe I’ll get an answer than

I have an Openfire server on one machine and an application server on a different one.

From and to the application server I can successfully create an XMPP session towards Openfire and gmail.com, no problems there.

I made the DNS SRV of the openfire server to point to my application server so outgoing communications from gtalk will reach my application server and it will divert it to openfire. In this way gmail “thinks” it is creating a session to openfire and my app is creating a session to openfire on behalf of gmail.

The problem is the other way.

When openfire tries to send a stanza (and open a session) to gmail.com it will resolve gmail.com to the real thing, and I want it to bypass the dns resolution and reach my app server directly.

Any ideas?