Disable Auto Login and /or Saving Password

I would like to prevent users from saving password and autologin. We are an educational site. The program is for staff , not students who may sit down at a machine where the teacher has forgotten to log off. Thanks

This is Openfire (server) support forum. You are talking about client-side feature. I assume you are talking about Spark? There is no way to do that, apart of creating your custom Spark build (you will have to change source code). Maybe there are some other approaches as Spark is saving password in xml file. You can try to delete or overwrite that file on a time basis with clean one, so it won’t contain a password. But. You said that staff can forget to log off. Well, there is no solution for that. Exodus client has an option to disconnect after some time of idle. There is no such option in Spark. But this is still not good solution. Staff shouldnt forget to log off

Hello. Thanks for the reply. I actually was referring the user not locking or logging off of the machine itself. And yes, there is no fix for that one! But, you mentioned an xml file. I have been looking for where these options are stored so that I might prevent the password storage. I find nothin in the registry. Can you point me to the file? Thanks!

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Spark\spark.properties (not a xml actually, just plain file)

Btw, there is such Openfire system property xmpp.client.idle which i have set to -1 to disable it. This option can disconnect idle clients. I think it’s a miliseconds value you have to specify. Maybe this could be useful.

Thanks again. I should be able to manage something with that inormation. Sorry about posting in the wrong discussion group. To my thinking, the option to disable auto login or password saving would logically be a funtion of the admin console.

tjr1260 wrote:
To my thinking, the option to disable auto login or password saving would logically be a funtion of the admin console.

In case of Spark&Openfire it could be. But Openfire is just a standard xmpp server. xmpp clients aren’t “saying” the server that their are autologining or that password was saved and not typed. Their just give their credentials for server and that’s it. Server can’t control what are the clients doing with this information. As Spark is developed by the same people, there can be added such functionality, but this is too specific to be added to the main project. Maybe this can be achieved with plugins (both Spark and Openfire).

Yep. Makes sense. Thanks for the help!