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Disable auto-login and save password?

Just curious: is it possible to have Spark disable/grey out the Auto-Login and Save Password features? Any way to approach this is fine by me (config file setting, command line arg, registry, SparkManager), but we basically have a lot of people logging into the same profile on a machine and don’'t want to give anyone an opportunity to turn these features on.


This would be good admin features set via a file or through the previously requested feature of system-wide rollouts with a modified install file.

I know that some other chat programs had admin features set via a config file that had options for:

-Disable broadcasting

-Prevent user from exiting the program or going offline

-Prevent user from setting certain away messages

-Prevent users from adding and/or deleting users

Some of those features and the disabling of auto-login may actually be useful for some companies.

It looks like SPARK-27 will add this ability.