Disable "Create Account" in SparkWeb


as i’m running a private Jabber Server, “in-band” registration is disabled, so the “Create Account” button in SparkWeb is both useless and misleading to users.

Is there a way to remove that Button?

Editing the source of SparkWeb and recompiling it is the only way for you. Create Account is the common client feature and it won’t be removed.

This stance needs to be reconsidered in light that if your openfire server is using ldap - all ldap references are read only and you cannot create an account. If you are going modify openfire to not display/allow self registration when ldap is used, then you should allow some type of configuration change in the main html to turn off displaying the “Create Account” link.



That’s ok, if someone implements that and contribute their work. Though, i doubt if that could ever be released. SparkWeb is dead project right now.


You can apply a little “Band-Aid” over it; See “Thick Box” (open source) javascript for more details.


P G Patrudu



Sparkweb is a dead project? I thought they were pushing that as a replacement for Spark because THAT was a dead project.

Are all Spark clients now dead projects?

I dont remember that SparkWeb was presented as a replacement for Spark. It is a web client. So it is more like an addition for a desktop client. Adobe Air based implementation was planned to replace current desktop client. But we can probably forget about these plans for a while. Jive has changed their priorities and concentrates on their commercial products now.

So, some projects are more dead or less dead now Well, maybe it’s wrong to actually call them dead. Because this is Open Source and anyone and anytime can pick them up and bring alive again. Speaking about Spark, code changes are pretty regular and one can try SVN builds to test new features and find some bugs. Currently there is one community member doing a lot of code refactoring and new features adding work. Also some other users provide their patches. But they all do this in their spare time, so it’s hard to say when there will be official or even beta releases. On the other hand SparkWeb doesnt have any developers right now. It all stalled when David left Jive. Another Jiver, Armando, was going to take that project, but i havent heard anything from him for a long time. Probably he has switched to some other project. And there are no community members who are working on it. At least i havent heard. Well, there is Dele, and he has his own Red5 SparkWeb version, tweaked for his needs. But he has stopped that project too and now works on something different and i’m not sure whether that project will include SparkWeb client or not.


Thanks for the write up. Does anybody knows a similar project like Sparkweb, which is still actively developed? All in all I really like the Flash idea of Sparkweb.


check out this http://www.gaodeng.me/?p=6