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Disable file transfer cache

Hey guys, i recently installed wildfire on a server at work, and am using spark on every workstation. I work in a big school and i just want to say what an awsome product it is. I only let staff have access to it but so far it has had nothing but praise. I have also created and tested msi’'s of both versions of spark (with and without java) which i use to deploy the client around a server 2003 domain.

I just have one question regarding file transfers. I want to stop file’'s that have been transferred through wildfire from being cached on the server that wildfire is installed on. I also want to delete the cache of files that have been collected so far. Am i right in saying that by logging into the admin console, going to file transfer proxy settings and then disabling the proxy i will achieve this?? If so, then how could i also clear the existing cache? One last question, if i do disable the proxy and thus caching of files, does spark then send files like p2p?, or will file transfer be disabled altogether?

Thanks for your time,


The file transfer cache is a little deciving in its functionality. I had in fact considered removing from the general manager as it is purely meant for internal functionality of the file transfer proxy. It does not cache files but meta-information related to file transfers that the proxy needs to function.

If you disable the proxy Spark will attempt to send files p2p and via IBB, which is basically sending message packets with the file information encoded in base64.