Disable file transfer in Spark for specified users

Hello Dear Spark experts … :slight_smile:

is there any possibility to restrict the usage of file transfer within Spark to specified users? There are user, who should be allowed to share their files but some shouldn´t have this possibility. I was thinking of changing the Spark properties and under allowed file transfer size I would choose 0 (zero). Will that work out? Also I may advice the administrator of my customers business to block port 7777, since it is used by openfire as a file proxy port. But this wouldn´t work if they still use Spark within same network right?

Maybe you people will have an idea.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance…


If you are talking about modifying the default.properties file inside the spark.jar, then i think it should work (although you will have two different versions of Spark for both categories of users), but i would put 1 instead of 0 there. 1 is one byte, small enough so nothing can be send. 0 may not work, but i haven’t tried.

Spark will use direct connection for file transfers if it can’t use a server, so blocking 7777 is not an option i think.

Hi wroot, thanks for your reply…

yes, I was talking about the default.properties. I put 0 in, it worked! :slight_smile:

So now I am not able to send files but still able to receive files from users without having that restriction. What happens if I do use a public openfire (one which i set up and port forwarded to) and the users connect from their home-PCs (NAT). Will it work if I block port 7777 within the users firewall to make transfers impossible?

EDIT: the File transfer is working even if I block port 7777. So it would be great having a function to block incoming transfers for some users within configuration of Spark.

Finally I found a solution. Using the “packet filter” Plugin in Openfire everything works fine now. Setting the correct rule and incoming transfer requests will be blocked.

Cheers, Lars