Disable group creation for our members?

Currently every group can enable blog posts and polls which may be displayed on the main page. There seems to be no way to disable the blogs and polls feature for groups.

So there are three or even more options:

  1. Keep things as they are
  2. Disable the creation of groups for every one except the admins
  3. Create a forum policy which forbids to create groups with polls and blogs enabled

I prefer 3.

Is it feasible to have 4: “Prevent private group polls/blogs from popping up on the front page” or alternatively 5: "Have only blogs/polls from admin-specified groups pop up on the front page?

If not, I think I’d prefer 2 over 3 (but I’d be fine with 3).




3 (do you mean just rules for users?)

4 and 5 are as far as I and Benjamin can tell not possible, so I did not add them. These options would be much better.

@ 3. - Just a rule. Something which can be broken by users. I do not expect that users will break it too often and if they do one can still disable group creation.

PS: Make use of the “Like” button whenever you like blog posts. Anyhow you post comments quite often which is cool. It looks like we should promote the document rating and the like button, currently they are not often used.

Like button looks so facebookish to me I have used it few times i think. But i don’t see it as very useful. If it could somehow emphasize rated posts or move highly rated threads or docs upper in the list, then maybe. Now it’s just some number that almost nobody cares or notices. There is no option to sort docs by rating. And even if it was there, it is too hard to reach (going to the spaces > to a particular space > to the docs tab). Those ratings should shape the start page of SBS. There are widgets for Popular content, but it probably counts hits. And Top Liked and Top Rated widgets looks broken.

The popular content widget does use the like value as far as I can tell.

Both widgets do work for me. Setting “Today” as the default date range is evil anyhow.

ps: I hope that the “SBS 5.0 What Matters” widget does also use the like value.

Well. I checked the Popular Documents widget and it was showing documents with ratings (stars) 3, 5, 4.5. I think there are enough docs with 5 star ratings which should be showing.

I see about Liked and Rated widgets. Works. Maybe they should be placed somewhere on the default start page.