Disable Incoming Call Notification?

For our employees using a physical phone they absolutely love this notice, however the majority of our employees use a softphone client and this notice covers the notices from the phone client. Is it possible to disable these notices either at the server level in openfire, or at the computer level in Spark?

Currently using Openfire 4.0.1, and Spark 2.7.5. I see that the new Spark version (2.7.6) lengthens the time of notice, but still not seeing an option to disable it. Am I missing something?

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the source would require a small change, but it should be doable. I can edit the source, but have no idea how to edit the gui to add a box. maybe @wroot can help!

Filed as [SPARK-1720] Add option to disable Incoming Call notification popup - Jive Software Open Source

speedy, as the main code would be from you and you can test this better, maybe you want to try adding GUI options Use this as an example Add option to disable dimming of idle users (default is to dim) by wrooot · Pull Request #17 · igniterealtime/Spark · Gi…

First the actual code change, using if(! and the new option. Then Preferences window to put option box (in the Notifications probably), then the change for that checkbox to work, then LocalPreferences to save it in the config file and i18n (only for English is enough).

The ability to disable notifications in the GUI it is necessary, but is there an option yet to disable it manually?

( sorry for the English. is google translate )

There is no such function. It requires source code change with or without GUI part.

thanks…that example was very helpful!

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you are welcome Joshua, Artem, you can test this setting in the newest build http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/spark/dailybuilds/spark_2_7_6_795.exe

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Thank you speedy and wroot! Everything works. It’s cool!

That absolutely works beautifully!

For anyone else doing this:
After the upgrade go to File --> Preferences --> Notifications --> Disable phone toast popup --> Save --> Close