Disable "Left the conversation" Message

I see some other requests for this, but I do not see any resolution. Is there a way to disable the “Jim has left the conversation” message?

There is no resolution as Spark project has no expert java developers. Also nobody has provided patches for this yet. [SPARK-1616] Add an option to disable typing notifications (XEP-0085) in the chat window - Jive Software Open Source

Does that mean this product is just stagnant and no longer being developed?

Kind of. Although me and speedy are trying to fix some simplier issues or apply old patches submitted to the bug tracker long ago, but we are not programmers. Also occasionally we receive patches from others. So it is not completely stale, but without an experienced project leader it is hard to get such issues fixed.

Btw, can you describe when exactly do you see that message? Because i thought you were talking about typing notifications in one-on-one chat, but there is no such message. In the group chat it says “Left the room”. So, i’m confused.

Oh, sorry I forgot to mention that. It seems that everytime I am in one on one chat with someone, and I close my spark window, they receive a message that says “Robert has left the conversation”.

I wish there was a way to get spark to not say that everytime I close the window.

I haven’t seen that exact message. Usually it says “user x is doing something else”, but most probably this is a part of Chat States described in the ticket i linked to. Btw, this ticket is about either disabling sending or showing all typing notifications, not just one particular.