Disable Lookup for new versions


we are thinking about using wildfire/spark in our little company, but I have a little problem you might be able to solve for me…

I noticed, that the spark clients lookup for new versions and tell the use to upgrade. However, we got a small traffic volume avaiable and if we upgrade a version, we download the version onces and deploy the software internally. Therefore I don’'t want everyone to upgrade by its one and download the same file 10 times.

Is there a way to disable the lookup by using a GPO or using wildfire?


If you install Spark Manager on the server, clients will not reveive a notification until a new version is downloaded and put into the server repository. Users will also download the new version from that repository, which might be on a local server.

Tried to search for where you can download Spark manager (which is a plugin to Wildfire), but could not find it though…

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Afaik, Spark Manager used to be free and downloadable. But since about a couple of months back, it has become a feature in Wildfire Enterprise.

Could someone help me to find the latest free version for wildfire (which hopefully works with wildfire 3.0.1)?

Thank you

//EDIT: Found it myself. If someone else is looking for it -> http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=20444

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I have the Spark Manager installed, but some users still got a notification this morning about the new version. Odd.