Disable new version notify for Spark 1.1.4

Since Spark 2.0.1 has broken the server login for my CEO, we have reverted him back to Spark 1.1.4. Now he gets an annoying message stating that a new version is available. We use an old Jive server and are not planning on upgrading. 90% of our clients use Pandion, but my CEO prefers Spark and will not change. Until there’'s a good upgrade available for the Spark IM client, how do I disable this notification? I am not going to tell my CEO he has to live with this, please help me find a fix. Maybe a registry hack? (we have Windows XP clients with a Linux backbone).


I’'m not sure whether it helps to modify “lastCheckForUpdates” in “%USERPROFILE%\Spark\settings.xml”.

Are you using SparkManager? So you could disable it.


Thanks for the information, but what do I change that parameter to? It has a date and time in it, not a ‘‘1’’ or ‘‘0’’ value.

FYI - since we have Pandion as our primary IM client, we don’'t have a Spark manager (this would be on the server, correct?)

I do not have access to the server. Even though I know a little Linux, my bosses are not allowing me to use it because my lack of knowledge (which will change over time).

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sorry. I agree that this is a write-to value so it does not help to modify it. I’'m not sure whether SparkManager is still compatible with the current Wildfire version, using it should help to avoid the notifications.



As stated previously, we don’'t have a SparkManager since most of our users (95%) use Pandion.

So, I am getting the picture there is no way to make the norify not show up in the client?

I would really like to not have to go back to my CEO and tell him he has to live with it until a good version comes out.

Please advise.


get the file (see link above), unzip it and copy sparkmanager.jar in your wildfire/plugins directory. Then Spark will detect that your server may be used for updates and will no longer use the internet to look for an update.


I probably can’‘t use that since we have an old Jive server, and not Wildfire. I do not have anything to do with the server, thus I cannot install anything on it. Only my boss and a co-worker. I’'m the Windows guy in our company, which is very small (100+), and they do all the Linux stuff on the backbone we have.

I don’‘t think my immediate boss (in IT) will be upgrading Jive since we haven’'t had any problems until now.

If an upgrade to Wildfire, then install the file to it, as you suggested will fix it, I will have to see if he is willing to do this, but I doubt it.


do you mean Jive Messenger? So give them the jar file, it should also work with JM.


I have not responded in a few days because my boss has been very busy. I’‘ve provided him with a link to this discussion thread and I have no access to the server to install anything to it. Plus, I don’'t know anything about how it is constructed to be able to install anything on it.