Disable one-to-one Chats with openfire? and other config questions

Hey All~

We are just getting started with openfire/spark. Currently the plan is to use it throughout our main library branch so that the 10-12 computers in the building can communicate non-urgent news. Currently we have this planned as a chat room that all computer will be present in, and I configured the icon to auto-login, and to automatically open the chat window.

A few configs that I would like to setup, but don’t know if they are possible, or how to set it up.

  1. Disable one-to-one chat sessions. We really only want them to use the conference room setup.

  2. Make the connection to the conference persistent, so that if they close the chat window it doesn’t disconnect them from the Conference room.

  3. Make Spark exit when the “x” is clicked. Currently the program minimizes to the taskbar, and if it is open in the task bar then the auto-login icon I created doesn’t work, so my librarians get confused.

Thoughts? suggestions?