Disable openfire contact corporate profile

Hello, good morning everyone, all right?
sorry for any translation errors, this is being done via google.

Currently I configured OpenFire linked to AD users, using Spark client.

I have a need to block the user’s corporate information, but precisely the person’s position. Unfortunately it is generating some friction in the company hehehe.
Here’s a print of the location.

Is there any way to remove this view?

thanks in advance for the help

Hi! The value that is shown in these fields is based on a mapping from directory-to-vCard attributes that you provide in Openfire. You can provide this mapping in two places.

Firstly, it is provided during setup. When you’re setting up LDAP/AD integration, then the second step of the Profile Settings lets you modify the mapping that is used. Simply leaving a field empty should ensure that it is not being used.

If you have already set up Openfire, then you can reach the same Profile Settings through the admin console, under Server > Server Settings > Profile Settings


thanks for your help @guss.
I believe to reduce the complaints in the company hehehe