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Disable OTR in Spark clients for all users on Openfire 3.8.2

I would like to disable the OTR encryption messaging in Spark, currently users can select the padlock icon and send encrypted messages, the company won’t allow this as all messages need to be logged and archived.

I did a couple of searches online but all I’ve found is ways of disabling the OCR in the spark clients but I need to enforce it for all spark users and was hoping theres a setting for this in openfire. I thought I’d found the answer below, but when I go to “Server Settings” I can’t see “Content Filter” in the menu?

"Go to Server -> Server Settings -> Content Filter. Set your pattern to “?OTR” and enable the filter.

Users attempting to enable OTR chat will see it trying to initialize and it will timeout after 10 seconds"

Thanks in advance

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You need to install the plugin, and you should be set.

Thanks for the reply, is it a plugin for openfire? Whats it called?

Thanks speedy, just installed the “Content Filter” plugin available in Openfire plugins list and added the info in the filter

if you are deploying you own in-house version of Spark (the IM client) then you can always remove the OTR plugin jar file and/or set it to be black-listed as a plugin, which would prevent a user from re-installing OTR. Removing the OTR plugin jar will actually remove the padlock button completely.