Disable Spark 2 beta 2 from starting up with windows?

Is there a way to stop Spark 2 beta 2 from automatically starting up when windows starts?

This used to be possible in pervious versions (1.1.4) through checking an option in the Login menu in Preferences, however it seems that this has been removed.


There is not a way to disable it in the beta, however it is coming in the final release on Sept.7. Sorry for the trouble.



I am definately looking forward to the upcomming final release of Spark 2. So far, I have found Spark 2 beta 2 to be pretty darn good (read: I think it kicks “donkyes” and takes names).

Just to let you know, it’'s back in the build


And what about stop putting Spark to system startup on very upgrade? Now i have to go and remove Spark entry after every upgrade. I think it should save all previous preferences.