Disable transport doesn''t disconnect me from the service

When connecting to a transport using 1.05a, I get connected, and everything is working fine. However, when I click on the icon at the top to disable a transport, it asks if I want to disable the transport. I select yes, but it appears nothing happens. The icon at the top goes dark like it’'s not connected, but all my AIM/MSN/etc contacts are still there and they can still receive messages I sent them and vice versa. Is this supposed to be this way?

On a side note (and maybe it needs it’'s own post), does the broadcast button work for transports as well? In other words, if I click broadcast (and I understand that the broadcast on the spark client simply reads your roster and sends messages to them instead of using the broadcast plugin), is it going to send a message to my whole IM world?


I’‘m afraid I really can’‘t speak much for Spark itself. You might want to bring this up in the Spark forum. I didn’'t have a lot of luck with those buttons either. The last I heard is that the UI was “currently broken” and we talked about some ways to improve that so… I think the next release of Spark will have fixes for that?