Disabled document creation


I’ve noticed that over the past few days, a lot of spam that gets created relates to documents (as opposed to discussions). I have revoked the privilege to create documents for all ordinary users (key contributors still can create them).

If this reduces the overall spam, we might want to keep this in place. Perhaps we can grant the privilege to users above a particular score.

Yeap, most of the new spam from Korea (based on email domains and text) posted Documents. What’s weird, some documents go into moderation queue and then some get posted. I think JiveX has some bug with moderation and some spam slips through.

So, with this new system we had one document slipped. Then another very similar document by the same user was still in the queue. Then a few posts from regular users got into the queue.

So far very similar to how it behaved without this service turned on and with 5 points restriction (btw, i have recently disabled many options to get points and lowered points given for new discussion, comment or marking something as an answer, only leaving 10 points for correct answer).

But we shall wait for some bigger wave of spam trying to go through.