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Disabling Notes Feature

Hi Guys,

I came across a thread on this site regarding a request to disable Notes Feature which dates back to May last year. Did you guys get to fix that? May I know how you were able to disable it?

Thanks in advance.

You can, if you are using 2.8.3 version. One way is to install Client Control plugin on Openfire server (if you are using this server, and you have to use the latest version of plugin, which requires at least 4.0.0 version of Openfire) and disable Notes in the Client Management menu. Or you can edit spark.jar file in the /Spark/lib folder and edit default.properties file inside it, changing the corresponding option to true.

Thanks for the reply, @wroot. Problem is we are having issues with v.2.8.3 as we can’t shift from an older version of openfire, to our current version, 4.1.3. Said flexibility is required since we are to login to several other openfire instances in our domain.

Then there is no other option. Well, you can download 2.7.7 source, edit it and compile your own version of Spark.

Release Spark 2.7.7 · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

We are using 2.8.1 SPARK, can we do the hack on this version? I am not familiar with customizations in JAVA, so I am thinking if it is possible if you can point me into the right direction.

If you are talking about customizing spark.jar via default.properties file, then you need at least 2.8.2 version. If you are talking about the source customization and building your own version, then i can’t help with that, this is too complicated, if you don’t have experience. I’m not a developer myself even

That’s the commit which introduced an option to hide View notes menu SPARK-1822 - Add additional default properties to control GUI setting… · igniterealtime/Spark@e51cb9c · GitHub . It adds IF check and then hides the


So you can just comment this action in the source and it shouldn’t be there after recompiling the source.

Thanks, @wroot. i’ll try this later. Hoping this resolves our issue on the notes feature.


I was able to get into the jar file, unfortunately I can’t edit the said property.


How do you edit such files in windows? I used winrar to get into the jar file, but it does not allow me to edit it.

I haven’t tried this with WinRAR. I use 7-zip and it allows me to edit files inside the jar and when i close the file it asks if i want to repackage the jar.