Disallowing admins

Hello, I am using packetfilter 2.0.2 and can not figure out how to wildcard admin accounts to deny all communication.

our Active directory environment has regular users xxxx@company.com some users also have admin accounts xxxxadmin@company.com

I want to be able block all communication to and from a xxxxadmin account.

so I created two rules

drop from *admin@of-server to any

drop from any to *admin@of-server

I used the type “other” to enter *adming@of-server and during creation there’s no problems creating, but if I go back and try to edit the rules I get “Please specify a valid destination JID or Domain”

Needles to say the rules dont work. I can login with both my admin and regular at the same time and send messages back and fourth.

Is there a way to filter a jid on wildcars rather then just domains?

Hello Wade,

The wildcard currently only works for domains. I’m a little weary to go down the full regex type filtering route because it would be really complicated to implement well, or really slow if I implemented it quickly.

Would it be possible to put all your xxxadmin users into a group and use that for the filtering?