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Disappearing Chat Rooms (OF-707)

Hello, has there been any traction on resolving OF-707 or does anyone have a definitive fix for chat rooms that are unloaded from memory due to being inactive for 30+ days?

I’m on Openfire 4.0.1 using the embedded db. I have limited DB experience, so step by step help would be great!

For anyone else that runs across this, I have it resolved. I stopped the Openfire service, opened the openfire.script file (located in the embedded-db folder) in Notepad and entered the following:


After starting the Openfire service again, all my rooms are visible.

Hi Jerad,
Thanks for the solution.

Post inserting a row into the OFMUCSERVICEPROP table, we hit an other issue, which is:
some of the chat rooms are archived and the chat room is removed from the table.

Is there a solution, to either modify/update the conditional value for chat rooms to be archived.

Thanks in advance.