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Disappearing Conference rooms

We are using Jive Messenger 2.1.2 with Psi 0.9.3 and we created a couple of server based Conference rooms and publish them to users. This works fine, however after a couple of days the rooms disappear in Psi and other clients as well. I go back into the Jive admin and can no longer see the rooms from there as well. I go into the DB (MSSQL2K) table named “mucRoom” and I see the rooms I created. But again they fail to appear in the Jive admin and in the clients. Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

Poppa Smurf

Hey Smurf,

A couple of weeks ago we created the issue JM-235 which seems to be what you are needing. Your rooms are disappearing because they have been inactive for several days (hardcoded value is 7). Until we implement JM-235 your quickest solution is to change the value of the emptyLimit instance variable in MultiUserChatServerImpl to a higher limit of days and then rebuild the server.


– Gato

Ok, thanks for the tip.

heh:) wanted to ask about this feature at Live Chat. So we’'ll wait for 2.1.3:)

we’'ll wait for 2.20