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Disconnect second time

hello team,
i use strophe.js to connect openfire by bosh,and the chat is great.
today,i update the openfire from 4.2.3 to 4.4.3 , and then i login first time is normal.in this time,i open another browser to login same resource, the first browser will disconnect which is normal,but the second browser can’t connect alway.
i see the openfire display this resource is offline,and if i want to connect, i must wait a time.
what can i do ?

This might be a bug that’s fixed with https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1923

Can you try running a nightly build?

Alternatively, see if the problem persists after you disabled stream management (by setting the property stream.management.active to false).

the picture is openfire version.

i setting the property stream.management.active to false in table openfire.ofProperty and restart the openfire,but it’s still going to happen.
i use jid like ‘abcd’ to connect the browser,and the first time everything goes well.
but I’m not disconnected, ant then still use same jid ‘abcd’ to connect the openfire in another browser.
so the openfire will display my jid is offline,and i can’t use this jid to connect the openfire until a few minutes later . in this time ,all browsers was disconnected.
There is no such problem in the openfire 4.2.3,i see the status can change immediately from offline to online when you login in other place.

the second picture is my first time to connect.

the third picture happen when i use same jid to connect the openfire.