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Disconnecting with DNS setting


I’m having some issue using Spark.

Clients are disconnect many time .

I saw that it’s happening where i set service by name in the configuration.

If i set the ip adress of the server there is no problem. I think the DNS is good so i don’t understand.

Clients are using MAC OS X and server on Windows.



Which version of Spark?

The version is 2.8.3

I haven’t seen reports about Spark being more stable using IP than a domain name. But actually nobody would want to use it with IP as it would create problems in XMPP. You can check the logs on Spark and on the server (Openfire i presume) at the time it disconnects.

Spark logs are at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs\ (there are a lot of separate files, check all of them and look for events of relevant date and time)
Openfire logs are at Openfire\logs\all.log

Also, as an experiment you can try putting domain name into domain field, but then go to Advanced menu on Spark’s login screen, uncheck the Automatically discover host and port and put IP there. See how it works this way.

Thanks for your reply,

I have already change the configuration with putting ip, it works fine.

I still have problem with some clients with same configuration than other and they are very often disconnect