Discontinue Igniterealtime subversion server, migration to Github

Greetings all. Baring any significant community protest, the subversion server for Igniterealtime will be shutdown on 1 January 2015. All of the active and still relevant repositories have been migrated (with commit histories hopefully in-tact) to our Github presence.

The following Ignite subversion repositories were not migrated due to them likely no longer being relevant

  • kraken
  • transports
  • wildfire

Some of the migrated repositories to Github have not seen development in a number of years. We are certainly interested to hear of any community members that may wish to revitalize any of these projects:

  • Asterisk-IM
  • bosh_loadtest
  • Openfire connectionmanager
  • Spark
  • Sparkweb
  • Whack
  • XIFF

When the subversion service is shutdown, a copy of the repos will be maintained offline in case anything comes up in the future necessitating its revival. Github has been an awesome platform to collaborate on for our active projects that migrated a number of months ago. Hopefully this change helps breathe some life into the older Igniterealtime projects!

To be fair, Spark has seen some development in the recent years and some commits to github were just months ago. Of course it would benefit of more attention
xiff on the other hand looks like dead, so maybe it’s not worth to keep it on github.