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Discovering External Components

I installed JJIGW to act as a transport between my wildfire and IRC servers. I got that installed and it appears to be connecting to the wildfire server. In the admin window; under the sessions --> component sessions it appears as connected with the domain of “irc.transport” (as I defined it in the JJIGW configuration). But, I can not connect/find that service when using PSI’‘s service discovery or Exodus’’


In your config file ( i am referencing my pymsnt config), you have your transport JabberID as

Hope this gives you some help,.


Unfortunately, the JJIGW (an Python IRC transport) config file is different than the other python transports. Below is the config file I’'m using and the output from running JJIGW.

python jjigw.py

creating component…


  • State changed: resolving ‘my.wildfire.server.ip’ ***

  • State changed: connecting (‘my.wildfire.server.ip’, port#) ***

  • State changed: connected (‘my.wildfire.server.ip’, port#) ***

  • State changed: fully connected <JID: u’irc.transport’> ***

  • State changed: authenticated <JID: u’irc.transport’> ***