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Discovery Message after initial Private Message to a Chat Room


I have found that the first time I send a private message to a chat room, I get an IQ message with an disco#info query on my client. I’‘m curious about why this happens? It does not happen if I send a message to all people in the room and I don’'t seem to get it any other time so far … only when I send the first private message.

Is this coming from the Spark client used by the user I sent the private message to OR from the OpenFire server? And why does it specifically need that info at that point when it doesn’‘t seem to care in any other case? In fact, my client has a problem and is not currently sending a response or an error and neither Spark nor OpenFire seem to care. But I don’‘t like seeing packets flying around that I don’‘t know why they are sent … so I’'m asking if anyone else knows why this is.

Should I consider that the disco#info extension is therefore required if you use chat rooms? Or is this something that OpenFire or the Spark client is doing that is a standard part of the XMPP protocol?

Any explanation or thoughts are appreciated.


Bill Bailey