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Display Bug - Dual Monitor Support

Here is an interesting one. In Spark 1.1.0, running on XP SP2, and using a dual monitor (setup to extend primary display onto secondary), if you move the Spark client GUI onto the secondary monitor, and click any of the drop down menus, the menu contents appear on the far right of the primary display.

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Some more details:

It only seems to happen if spark is already running, prior to extending your primary display to a secondary display. If you then move the spark UI to the extended/secondary display, this behavior is expressed.

This would really only happen to weird people such as myself, with a laptop, going from home use, to docked in the office. I dont extend my display until im already in Windows, and thus spark is already running.

Also, just FYI, i tested this under 1.1.1 and it displayed the same behavior.

Since this is such a popular thread, garnishing so much attention, let me add another piece to this puzzle.

If you exit spark after running it on your extended or secondary display, then exit spark, then disable your secondary display, once you open Spark again, it will not display on the primary (and now only) display.

So there it is. Anyone interested in this at all? If so I will continue to post what else I discover about this dual display behavior, otherwise, I will quit wasting my time.


I have seen this with many programs where if you start them on a dual monitor setup and you go back to single it starts on the missing monitor. VMware does for instance. The only work around I have found is to right click on the program in the task bar and chose move, then use the arrow keys to get it back in view.

I also think that some video drivers do have the option to always open a program on monitor number 1.

Windows has this nasty habit of remembering where the program last closed and even if that part of the desktop is not there opens it there anyway.