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Display Idle time in client?


I’ve been using Openfire and Spark for a small group of friends for a while, but recently started getting requests to set it up commercially. In one of these requests, I was asked if it could show the length of time someone had been idle, and also when they logged in. I know there is a plugin that logs this to a MySQL database (at least the login/off times), however having access to this in the client would be beneficial (I didn’t even see a report in the Enterprise Openfire plugin that shows in/out times for users). Perhaps there could be an option in the perferences for Spark, to show Idle time and login date in the mouse-over popup, or as an item in the right-click menu. It’s possible, since I haven’t reviewed the XMPP documentation, that this isn’t supported in the protocol… If that’s the case, then this discussion ends here

Let me know if this has been discussed before (I searched and found nothing), or if it’s planned or explicitly not planned.

I appreciate any help! This is one of the great examples of open source success, and I thank all those involved for their time!