Display names in group chat


I’ve just set up an internal OpenFire server, and am testing out Sparkweb now. OpenFire is using Active Directory for users, and I’m running into problems with the display name. In the buddy list and in private chats, users have the proper display name appearing (Last, First) but in group chat, they’re showing up as their AD login.

Any ideas why there is inconsistency here? Is the group chat using a different field from the vcard mapping that I don’t know about?

Thanks in advance!


I am dealing with the same problem. I am using Spark 2.5.8 and 2.6.0 but it looks like an OpenFire problem, not Spark.

I am dealing with this issue as well. I am running Spark 2.6.3 and Openfire 3.7.1. We have users supplied by Active Directory. Users are currently frustrated by having their usernames displayed in the chat room contact list rather than their more user friendly displayNames (as provided by the Spark Contacts window) shown.

Anyone figure this out yet? I have tried messing with {display} for the vcard with no success.

Bumping this thread, because i have the same problem.

We just set an internal policy that you have to set your nick when you enter

/nick MyNewName

You can also allow registering to a room with a nick, so anytime someone reenters that room, they will get the same nick as they registerested with.

I do not want to give users opportunity to change nickname. Their nicknames must be unified, like in contact-list.