Display Nickname instead of Username


First and foremost thank you for these great tools. We are using Openfire and Spark and we love it!!!

My question is simply is there a way to show in the roster the user’s Nickname instead of their Username? Or give them the choice of which one to use. Is it possible to do so or can it be added via plugin?

Thanks in advance!!

I guess there is no solution for this?

This depends on your setup (LDAP or simple database?), aslo on how you are creating users and adding them to the roster. We are creating users in the Admin Console and then use Shared groups to populate rosters to the users. In this case clients shows users’ Names.

Thanks I am using the Default user and group system, and Mysql database. That’s the same that happens to us, I create users add them to groups and it shows their username. So is there a setting I need to change it order to have it show their nickname inside spark?

I’m not sure what you call “Default user and group system”. If you are adding users via Admin Console then you must specify their Username and Name. Name == Nickname. If you are using Shared groups to automatically push contacts to Spark users (so they dont have to search and add them manually), then it will show their Names in the roster.