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Display users in a groups

Groups are displayed from AD. I need to make sure that the user in the Spark client sees himself in the group. Help is needed.

This is not supported. Instant messengers usually don’t show yourself in your contacts list, because you won’t talk to yourself.

The problem is that I only implement spark, there are a lot of users and constantly all call to ask who in what Department.

Your users don’t know in what department they work? I think you have a bigger problem then :blush:

The organization structure is much more complex than the groups created in AD, so the groups are created with a different logic.

Well, can’t help with that. There is no option to show yourself in contacts list. Maybe you should ask users why they want to see themselves. I remember similar questions when deploying IM solution many years ago, but users got used to the way it works. You need to be able to see who you need to chat with. It’s admin’s task to make sure everyone can see everyone they need, so they don’t have to worry in which group they show up.

Thanks for the reply. I see you’ve been working with Spark for many years, let me ask you another question. How to hide the PRINCIPAL NAME(user@domain) from the USER in the contact sheet?

I have no experience with LDAP integration. I guess you should be able to change fields mappings and select another AD field to be used as a name for a user. Maybe you can find it somewhere in Admin Console or maybe in System Properties. Maybe even have to rerun the setup and change this settings on the LDAP page. Ask in the forums.

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