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Displaying buddies group wise from open fire server


. I have one issue with the chat application i.e; in my chat application buddies are displaying when they wil logged in to chat. So, here the application showingbuddies who are in online, now my query is i dont want to display all theonline buddies in to contactlist(datagrid), i want to display buddies from group wise for this i have created one group(group name is AGENTGROUP) inopenfire server and i added two buddies(two agents) to this group, then my conditionis we should not display these buddies(two agents) to other buddies(not relatedto AGENTGROUP) and when buddy1 is logged into chat we should display buddy2only(when he is in online otherwise no need to display his name intocontacts). How can i achieve this.

Take a look at group’s properties and Sharing option. There you can specify to what other groups this group should be shared.