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Displaying common name instead of uid


We’'ve got Wildfire running and ready to deploy in production, with a custom authentication provider, and gathering the users form an LDAP (which we can not modify).

We have to embed the IM service into an intranet web application, so we are using JWChat as a client.

The problem is that the uid’‘s the users have are very ugly, and not easy to remember (they’'re numbers; due to the large amount of users we have some common names are repeated). We have no problem when searching users, because we can perform a search for the Name or for the username. The problem is when seeing the contacts list.

Anyway, if I log into the admin console, I can see the common names are correctly stored in the database, toghether with the usernames (which are the uid’'s from the LDAP).

So, here come my questions:

1.- The fact that the uid is the nickname displayed in the buddy’'s list is a matter of the client or of the server? I tried a couple of clients, and I could not find any option to change it, so I guess it is a server issue. If it actually is, is there a way to change this behaviour?

2.- In case it is a matter of the client, is there any workaround that can be done from the server (such as giving the name instead of the username to the client when sending the buddies list)? Could you give me some clues in case this was possible?

So that’‘s all. I’‘ll be grateful if you help me. If you need more information about the environment I’'m working on, just tell me.



the client can set a (nick)name for every JID in its roster. I really wonder what the server does, sometimes it’'s the configured name (eg. within a shared group) and sometimes the JID (manually add JID to roster) which is sent. As soon as you have a user on your roster its name will be stored in the roster and not changed by the server, even if the server admin changes the (nick)name of a user.

So you could use SQL to overwrite the NICK field in the JIVEROSTER table (but some users may complain if you overwrite their changes every night).


PS: Do you use 1234@domain.com also as email addresses or are you using there the full names?

Thanks, LG!

About the mail, it is composed by something similar to the name, but not the name exactly (I think it is generated with some parts of name and surnames). Anyway, if you menat it is possible to display the mail, it would be a good enough plan b.

It could be a solution to wirte some kind of process that overwrites rosters, but is not very ‘‘clean’’ solution to rewrite them periodcally. Instead, maybe it would be possible to do this only the first time a user adds another user to his roster. What do you think? I am not happy if I have to dive in the internal source code of the Wildfire server, but i am afraid there’'s no easy solution this time.

Anyway, if you have more ideas or suggestions, please tell me.