Displayname not showing for some users

Server Specs: Openfire 3.10.2; host Windows Server 2012 (standard)

Client: Spark 2.71

Windows AD (2008)

I have an Openfire host that has users from across the default domain and a trusted subdomain. My BaseDN is this: DC=mycompany,DC=com (ie: mycompany.com). But most of my users originate in our subdomain: DC=busgrp, DC=mycompany, DC=com (ie: busgrp.mycompany.com). In spark, the DisplayName for my users with accounts in my basedn shows up correctly. But users with accounts in the subdoman, the displayname does not show at all in Spark, only their domain account name (username). We were previously on Openfire 3.91/Spark 2.63 and displayname worked correctly for all users. What can I do to get the displayname to work for all users on Openfire 3.10.2/Spark2.71? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


John Smith; username=johnsmith001 on main domain

Jane Smith; username=janesmith001 on subdomain

From spark, users would see in their rosters:

John Smith

Janesmith001 <— the problem, should show “Jane Smith” instead.


Fixed. I used the ldap.alternateBaseDN property in addition to specifying ldap.BaseDN, of course. As stated previously, I had set the ldap.BaseDN property to DC=mycompany,DC=com. While this seemed to work, it was wrong or at least incomplete. What made the setting incomplete was that my Openfire server was hosted in the subdomain portion of our network (that it is, its entry point was at the subdomain level, so visualize its FQDN as myopenfireserver.busgrp.mycompany.com where it talks to and queries just the busgrp’s controller). With that, I changed the ldap.BaseDN to DC=busgrp,DC=mycompany,DC=com. And then I added the property ldap.alternateBaseDN for which I set it to: DC=mycompany,DC=com. And finally based on some of the info I read here, I carefully reset my vcard mapping property to ensure that there were no linefeeds, carriage returns, or other unneeded characters in it. Although I saw the desired results immediately, I restarted the server anyway. All is well. What I learned leading up to my solution:

Only setting BaseDN (without setting alternateBaseDN):

  • BaseDN DC=busgrp,DC=mycompany,DC=com result: server did not recognize users logging with accounts only in mycompany.com*

Setting BaseDN to “umbrella” domain:

  • BaseDN DC=mycompany,DC=com result: all users recognized but vcard-mapping failed for those users with accounts only in busgrp (see my original post).*

I have also the following properties set:

ldap.autoFollowReferrals = true

ldap.autoFollowAliasReferrals = true

ldap.override.avatar = true

ldap.SubTreeSearch = true

ldap.encloseDNs = true