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Dissapearing messages

Hi, I am using OpenFire with a School District. For a long time this has gone very well, we have almost 225 clients online at any given time. However, recently we have experienced dissapearing messages. (Maybe this is in lieu of Halloween… who knows?) Users can sometimes send and not receive. And other times they can receive and not send. I have tried multiple clients, our primary client being the soapbox client. Any help would be appreciated.


same thing here. people type the message in the client (spark in our case) and hit enter and the message stays in the message field and doesn’t appear in the chat window. however the person on the other end is getting the message. or conversely, the message is typed and hitting enter puts it in the chat window but the person on the other end doesn’t see it. I believe this is since we upgraded to spark 3.5.7 or to openfire 3.3.3 ( i think i did both right around the same time)

We had a similar problem here with clients using Spark 2.5.7. It turned out to be an error with their windows user profile. Rebuilding the profile fixed the error.

wow, that’s a pain. i wonder if using an earlier version might fix it?