Dissappearing Contacts -OpenFire and Spark

We have downloaded the latest version of the source code, and are running and using it ‘out of the box’ to get aquainted before we start development. We are connecting to it only with Spark, and have run into some contact list issues. We wish to be able to control everyone’s contact lists from the admin control. I have created a few groups and added the appropriate users to the group roster, and enabled sharing to everyone. When a client signs on to the server using the Spark Client, they can see the group name, and can see the names of other users who are in the ‘offline’ group. However, if one of those other users signs on, their name disappears from the offline group, but instead of showing up as available under the proper group heading, that user will not show up at all, until the client manually adds them to the group. Is there a way to configure (either on the OpenFire admin side or the Client Side) this so that contacts will automatically be put in the groups they are members of on the server, even when they are offline?