DNS Configuration on Openfire - remote server not found

Hello !

I recently got a problem while using my WebClient and OpenFire. When I need to get my roster presence, I got a “remote-server-not-found”, and in the attr “from”, I see “from=user”, without my domain name.

It seems to be a DNS problem on my OpenFire Configuration.

In fact, I tryed to understand the SRV Records, but, I admit that I didnt understand anything. So I didnt configure anything.

My app is working, I can connect and OpenFire know that I m conncted, I can share message, but I cant get my presence roster…

Can you explain me how should I do to bypass this problem, which gave me headache since 2 weeks

Thanks you everyone,




Please provide the XML stanza log of what your client sent to the server and what the server responded with.






Did you attempt to add ‘test’ to your roster, instead of test@pc-marvin , which is required for sharing presence with a real user? Without the @, then openfire thinks the user is a server/service and will attempt to connect to it.


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Thank you, in fact it was the reverse. I added test instead of test@domain . Thanks for this, it works fine