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Do Muc Rooms Require Pub Sub?, yes it wasn't answered the first time, yes I'm asking again


I asked this before not to long ago however, I believe it’s gone over the time in which it would be answered so I’m posting again. That being said this should be a simple question to answer, and yes I realize that the xmpp said’s that pubsub and and muc were made separately however, I’m not convinced Openfire implements them separately.

The Question:

Can anyone confirm wither muc rooms relies on pubsub at all, and if it does explain why?

I took out pubsub, and muc rooms aren’t sending back their presence to the user upon them joining a room.


First thanks for your help, and I apologize if this seems like a dumb question; I’m still getting use to Openfire source files.

We’ve been making small modifications to Openfire, and reconfigured the database. One of the things we decided is that we don’t need need pubsub, so we took out all tables that require them, so we just return default values that are equivalent to null or 0 when the server tries to access this data from the database. And for the most part Openfire is running without any problems however, I’ve found that when a user tries to join a room, that admin console will show them as having joined however, Openfire will not send the presence back to the user to let them know that they’ve successfully joined which is a serious problem that needs to be solved. The server isn’t throwing any errors, and after going through the server I’ve started to wonder that maybe muc rooms relies on pubsub.


I realize I was being stupid with the presence which resided here before as it was just the user’s presence getting sent back to them. However, the questions still stands.

Thanks again!