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Do not disturb

Not sure if this has been addressed in a past post (seem to remember it mentioned a long time ago) - When the user selects “Do Not Disturb” as their status is there a way to make it so they cannot be sent messages to? It doesn’t matter to me if the messages are queued or if the user sending the messages receives notice that the user is in “do not disturb” mode. More importantly is that when a user selects “do not disturb” the application respects their privacy rather than depending on other users to do the right thing.

If it isn’t available currently can Spark be customized to do so?

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It’s not possible in default Spark. Anything can be customized in programming world. You can try making changes to Spark code. Meanwhile i have created a JIRA issue for that, because i like the idea of Real DND But i doubt this would be implemented very soon.


I don’t think this is very logical, a better idea would be to stop the flashing or something because holding the messages back would by sure increase memory usage as these messages will need to be stored somewhere.

Disabling of flashes doesnt mean Spark won’t have to store incoming messages somewhere in memory, as it stores all messages (in chat window). In in common case there shouldnt be too many messages to store, as some people would obey DND status and won’t message, other will wait for an answer.

I never said it would stop the storing of messages in memory, i just thought of a way that is less distracting to the user.

+1 for DND fi or alternative status (Block messages)
Just installed Spark in my Firm and everyone expected behaviour suggested by status…

Any option to make this working ?
Can this be done by any plugin etc ?