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Do not see the button redfire in Spark

Good day

My configuration:

Openfire 4.0.3 (Win Server 2008 R2)

Red5 Plugin for Openfire

Spark 2.8.1 (Windows 7 64)

Red5 Plugin for Spark 0.0.9

Install plugin Red5 for Openfire and Spark.

All installed without error.

In lists plugins Openfire and Spark red5 displayed.

File red5.properties configured

#Red5 Settings





But the interface Spark not appear the button redfire for video call


What could be the problem?

Redfire is outdated and not supported anymore.

What is the latest version of the Spark or Openfire support Redfire?

How else can you organize a videoconference using the Spark?

Not sure about Openfire. As about Spark, it was probably 2.6.x versions (2.6.3 maybe).

There is no other option for video conferences in Spark.

Thank you decided to stay in the version 2.5.8

Everything worked.

Possibility of audio and video conferences - this is a very strong argument to stay on the old version.

If the developers could realize such feature in the new version, the number of users has increased several times.

There are simply no active and experienced developers working on Spark. And audio/video stuff is a fairly complex thing. 2.5.8 is using commercial/proprietary library for audio, which had to be removed when going into open source. Redfire was a solution by a single person who doesn’t work on it anymore (probably because it is using an outdated and insecure Flash technology) .

What then is now current method of organizing video \ audio based openfire?

Browser based - Openfire Meetings community-plugins/ofmeet at master · igniterealtime/community-plugins · GitHub